Ping-Pong: America’s Most Overlooked Sport?

In the world of professional sports, Rodney Dangerfield is ping-pong. For most Olympic spectators, it is somewhere between the bow, the arrow and the trampoline in the list of events to see. Conan O’Brien recently tweeted, “The athletes at the Olympics will each receive 15 condoms or male ping pong players.” 14 condoms are numerous.

America's Most Overlooked Sport Ping-Pong

As a former Youth Olympic Games tennis player, I can confirm that if competitive ping-pong is your best sport at school, it will not show your physical abilities. Typical reactions to my electoral game? “They must have very strong puppets.” “Do you play like Forrest Gump?” “Do you play real tennis?” “My grandmother is the mistress of the Palm Beach retirement home and they should one day play.”

Ping Pong as a sport!

Table tennis can be enjoyed more by those with a sense of irony. The effort on a five-foot-wide table (players swinging back and forth, their fierce bumps for the next shot) may seem too important for the casual observer.

Uneven proportions evoke the concern of professional tennis players who stranded in such a large tea set, shrugged their shoulders and said, “Let’s do it.” back without even a grunty lapel. After about an hour of aggressive paddling, players sweated with sweat.

In a pause in his match with Ni, who is forty-nine, Hsing grabbed a dry towel to wipe off sweat and drank a bottle of water while his coach was giving a lecture. In the end, she raised her oar in front of the sumptuous crowd of gratitude. (When men win, they tend to choose the contraband pump).

A lean teenager can reach Venus Williams on a small scale (everyone reaches the third round in his classes), which is fun for the eyes and smiles.

You may know the meaning of ping pong robot, they are amazing robots which can help you in-game improvements.

However, you can prove that you do not need a lot of muscle to introduce yourself to the Olympics, but a little sport.