Kid’s Sports Game Turns All Pro with Crossing $15 Billion Market Value!

I met this young gentleman named Joey Erace, and well it was indeed a great meet!

This 11-year old, ‘Student-Athlete’ as he loves to be called has been a 2 time Gold Medalist and has also won 1 silver medal for the USA. He stays in Mullica Hill, New Jersey with his family. His father helped him set up a battling cage near to the house, where he could practice his baseball game.

The battling cage cost about $15,000 where he swings his metal bat filling in the wind inside it.

kid sports make industry

He is currently being trained under a coach, who is charging him a $100 for a one-hour session.

Can you see the sports economy rising there?

Kid Sports is all Pro with a $15 billion value! Who’s responsible for this Change?

Continuous training and efforts are necessary if you wish to make it big in the future.

If the player is part of one of the best teams, then the training simply gets more tough and challenging.

About Joey, this young man has talent and also got a unique understanding of how to adjust the game as per the situation. He is smooth and quick in adjusting the plates, lowering the shoulder angles, and also turning the hip for better ball driving.

Dan Hennigan, the hitting coach of Joey says that ‘Joey is a real swagger at the game’. He also adds, that if Joey keeps on working in the same way, he will be a really good player who could play for a high-level competition too.

This way, to keep up with the performance, a continuous investment is necessary. If you are talking about the high-end families, they will invest more than 10% for their income into the game. Most of the game expenses include the registration Feeds, travel, camping needs, and any equipment required for the practice. They more often go to watch Sports Games with Kids and having fun!!

Quick Tip: It’s important to make the right investments. If you are planning something for your child, then analyze all the choices you got, and make the right decision. 

Read the above line once again, and remember it.

There’s no point investing in a new gaming kit if the tuition fees are pending. [That was just for an example.]

P.S – Joey is a star player undoubtedly, and I am freaking proud him!