Is Abramovich planning to sell out the soccer club Chelsea? A Rumor?

There was one report on The Sunday Times that mentioned about the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich planning to sell out the Chelsea club. Roman is the owner of the club, and the news said he had hired an investment bank for considering the sale. While one source of the club denied with this news, so is the news true or another rumor? Let’s find out.

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Is Abramovich planning to sell out the soccer club Chelsea?

The Sunday Times mentioned that the selling decision right after Roman’s rejection of an offer to buy a small share in the Club by the U.S firm Silver Lake Partners.

Amidst this news, one close source of the Chelsea Club denied all the claims and said that the owner is not planning to sell the club at any time. Well, the source didn’t wish to reveal the identity, therefore it’s was not mentioned in the report.

This year, the owner of the chemical company Ineous – Jim Ratcliffe had come forward with a bid offer for the Chelsea club. The deal was for a 2 billion pounds that makes $2.55 billion! But the offer was turned down by Roman instantly. (As per the info provided on the Daily Mail newspaper)

After the unsuccessful attempt at getting the minority stake with the Lake partners, Chelsea directors got in touch with Joe Ravitch who’s from the Raine Group. This is a private firm that owns shares with big giants like Tesla and other companies like Alibaba. Still, the firm Raine Group didn’t any give an answer to the news or interact with the media.

Asking about Abramovich’s interest with the Raine Group, one of the close spokespersons of him answered they won’t be talking about the market speculations now.

The tension between Russia and Britain

This year, we saw tension prevail between two super-power countries Russia and Britain.

London accused Moscow on the charge of poisoning the military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in Britain. Whereas Russia has denied all the charges, but all the wealthy Russian residents have been adversely affected by this tension.

Abramovich faced trouble with renewing the Visa that led him to miss the Chelsea’s FA Final match against the Manchester United that was held in the month of May.

Therefore, we can conclude that the news was just another rumor that you come across daily. What are your thoughts? Any points to add-on here?